Monday, December 5, 2011

This years Singing Christmas Tree was nothing but amazing once
again.  "While You Were Sleeping" the story of Christ's life was
told through Nathanael's son Joseph.  Joseph was staying with his
Uncle and Aunt whom did not believe that the Messiah had come
yet.  The story line was of a couple who missed what God wanted to give
 them; who looked at events around them with open eyes, but saw nothing. 

Could you miss Christ even when he is all around?  Don't let the things of the
world keep you from Heavenly Father.  Don't be one who is sleeping, but be
awake and aware and receptive for all God wants to give us. 
A great message for us as we go into the Christmas Season. 

I am so thankful we have made this family tradition to go to the
Singing Christmas Tree, not to only see a baby in a manger but the
work of Christ while he was on earth, his death, and resurrection.  It is
important to me that my boys understand the reason Christ, the Son
of God, came to earth.  It was for each one of us.

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