Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sew darn cute...

I really wish I would have taken a picture of the old sweater I cut up to make this scarflette and hat. I have seen so many different blogs on upcycling your old clothes, I finally just took an old sweater from my closet that I don't think I have worn more then once, over two years ago (I bought it from Pamida, which could be the reason:) and I began to cut it up! This is what I was able to sew up. It turned out SEW DARN CUTE!! I am loving it sew much I think I will have to make me one.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Say Cheese...

I like to joke with Joe that he should not use "my bathroom" I choose to not use the one downstairs so somehow I think that the upstairs bathroom should just be mine. (I do have to share this house with 3 boys shouldn't I have my own private bathroom?? So this is no more than a big joke that we go round and round.
But when Riley got a new book and in it was some funny posters like this one we decided they where ment to put up for daddy's humor. Ry and I posted this one up last night (Ry could not take the fact that Joe had not seen it before going to bed, so Ry asked him if he needed to use the bathroom before he brushed his teeth) Joe bit hook, line, and sinker...everyone of us got a great laugh. So if you use my bathroom please remember to Say Cheese :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Full "STEAM" Ahead...

When you are part of this house TRAINS are a big part of your life. The daycare boys are wild about trains just as much as my boys were. Joe called last night to say that the steam train would be going through around school time. So we thought that we would be late for school and see if we could catch it. Well it was running behind and so I finally took the kids to school and then the three little boys and I went back to see if we would be able to see it come down the track full steam ahead.

We had to wait a little while but it was worth every scream of excitment when it finally came through. The whisle began to blow and the boys began to scream, with eyes as big as half dollars, yelling choo choo choo. After the train was past Drew said "mommy more choo please" the fact that the train was going 80 miles an hour we did not chase it :) We will have to try to catch it when it comes back through.

Monday, November 1, 2010


We have been in need of a new kitchen table for some time now. The finish on our table has been worn off and was looking so bad. I have been looking for a different one for almost a year now with the little space we have for a dinning area I have had so few tables I have found that would work for us. Nothing I have found I had fallen in love with so after having the black paint leftover from the boys room project Joe and I decidied to just try refinishing the table we have. It has been quite the project and we have had fun seeing the change. It looks like a brand new table and I am very happy with it. The only thing is we were going to paint the chairs and bench black also and now we may be rethinking it.

Soccer is over for us this season. So I made these fun Thank You's for the two coaches, with Dots, Hershey Bar and 4 movie tickets for our local movie rental store.