Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Witch...

I have loved this Buggy Barn Quilt Pattern the first moment I saw it. My wonderful mother-in-law and I made the blocks together and then she put the little wall hanging together for me.
I have had it in my stack of unfinished projects for the last two years and each Oct I look at it and think I really want to get that quilted...well this is the year! I sandwiched and pinned it together on Sunday night an got started. I knew I could do it but I just have had this fear of it not being perfect. (I wish I would let up on myself) This is the most I have done on any quilted project and I LOVE IT! Each witch is quilted different and each background it quilted different.
My sewing machine has never worked right from the day I bought it (a whole another story)
I had to do some ripping out and yes there were a few bad words but I stuck with it and
this is my finished quilt!!! I am so proud of myself and now I am ready to start on a bigger quilt.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Boys New Room

The boys are really enjoying their new room. They each have a desk, chair, lamp, magnetic boards and cork boards. We are hoping this will help them be able to go to their desk and get their homework done when they get home from school without the noise of the daycare kids. So far the new desk have been a wonderful new place to play school. Whatever it may be that they do I love the idea of them having a new space that is more for them as Big Boys. I hate to think that they are no longer my Little Boys but that is just part of life and I want to enjoy this new stage just as much as I have when they were little.
Chandler's new desk

Riley's new desk

Here is Chandler at his new desk, so happy and proud!! A great place to create and draw.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Joe has been working so hard on the boys room the last week. He had a day off today and had said he was going to have the bedroom finished. As he was painting the last of the black on I had decided I really didn't care for the dark gray and asked if he would please paint a light gray on the bottom. He didn't want to so bad but he wanted me to be happy with the end result. Now that we have add the third color we both LOVE it!! The next day that Joe is home he is going to get the desks built and finish the room. I am so thankful for all the hard work he has put into the boys room.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A need to Retreat...

I went to Prairie Point Junction's quilt retreat over the weekend. It was a great weekend of getting projects done and of course enjoying the uninterupted sewing, great food and friends.

It was quite hard for me all weekend to shake the feelings of loss of Ethan...the day he died I was out at camp at quilt retreat...I know it is something I have to contiue to learn to deal with but being back for the first time was really hard.

I did get a UFO finished which is always a great feeling. Designer Heather Mulder Peterson gave a wonderful trunk show...I loved her outlook on quilting! She also showed the look of a double needle on a few of her pillow shams and so I had to try it. I am in LOVE!!

this is one of three American Girl Doll Quilts I made for Ava
(you cannot see it but I used my double needle)

I also worked on my block of the month. I am only 5 months behind :)
I did get all the yellow and white shashing and nine patch done for the whole quilt

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maybe a little TOO MUCH...

Riley and Chandler have been begging for a desk for over 8 months now...not that I didn't want them to have them I just had no idea how I was going to get a desk in their room to fit nice. I have been looking online and at Office Max for them the just right one for a while now. Then at Walmart they started putting the BACK TO SCHOOL stuff on sale. I was able to get them a small desk for $17 and chairs for $14 a piece. I couldn't pass it up as the ones so far I had found were $79 just for the desk.

So then on Labor Day as we were deep cleaning and organizing Chandler asked "can we ever get bunk beds again since daddy broke ours" funny he had asked as I was looking at loft beds as a way to give their room more space for their desk. I found loft beds on sale for $129...this leads into, painting the room (it has been 8 years since it was last painted and the tape marks from the boys hanging up their pictures and projects have gotten a little out of hand) So before painting we have to remove the boarder. No big deal right (Joey knew of this magical stripper that they had used on his dads clinic) Well it didn't work for us in the same, way we have a mess. The wall paper stripper has removed the paper, the paint, but left the glue?!?!? It left a spot that was clear down to drywall. It works but maybe a little TOO MUCH. I know I will like the fresh new look once we get done!

P.S. the boys don't know about the desk!!
Boys walls before

paper is coming off but so it the paint....AAHHH

Joe and Avery mudding the holes, dents and paintless spots

Joe said he felt as if he was filling the kids last 8 years of childhood memories...Avery
said "I only made 1 of those holes" :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If You Were Wondering...

AANNNNNDDDD I'm Back...not making any promisies that my life will not get to crazy again to blog but for those of you that were wondering what has happened to the Books I thought I would get you cought up to what we have called life for the past few weeks.

First off I have been in charge of the big Cozad Cub Scout Recruitment on September 2nd. It was a national wide recruitment and we all were to have it on the same date at the same time. For us it was a great time!! I planned Minute to Win It Games, if you have not watched the TV show it is a must, my boys LOVE it.
Riley and Austin playing the Minute to Win it "Elephant Walk"

We had my niece Emma staying with us for the week
(Ben and Lisa went to Cancun for their Honeymoon)

We had the School OPEN HOUSE
this is Ry and Ry (a self portrit whom was sitting in his desk)

School Open House
Chandler in the Reading Spot

Cozad Cub Scouts at our house working on our float

Ry, Emma and Chandler

Emma and Riley

Saturday was Hay Days
Riley and Trevor Linn on the Cub Scout Float

Lindsey, Tylor and Haydan came for the weekend

All the cousins came to celebrate Ry's 9th Birthday
Erin, Emma, Micha, Chandler and Riley

My baby turned 9 years old
He is getting so BIG

Riley in his first Flag Football Game, Sunday September 12th
he did so AWSOME and played 3/4 of the game

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Oh I wish life could just slow down a little...I am going 100 miles and hour all day, every day. I am starting to worry a little about Ry as tonight in the car I was giving him his spelling words and he couldn't get a single one right out of 15 and it is Wed...AAHH

This week we has been so crazy with sports, scouts and eye Dr. appointments. I have to have new glasses, my right eye has gotten really bad, I went on Tue and the Dr. had me come back in today because he thought he wrote it down wrong (he couldn't believe it had changed so much in the one year) but it was correct. I knew something was up because my headaches were getting really bad again and sometimes I had a fuzzy spot in the right eye. He had me pick out glasses for Chandler but decided that he was not bad enough and thought we could wait till next year. If he has any changes before then we will go in and get them. Ry is good and Dr. thought it would be a year or two before he needed glasses. It was bound to happen I guess with the bad eyes their mamma has.