Monday, August 30, 2010

Emma turns 1...

We went to Lincoln this weekend to take part of the big celebration of Emma girl turning 1 years old. Her birthday is on the 1st of September so Ben and Lisa had her party on Saturday. She got some fun toys, a couple she can ride and push, books, and a pillow pet. I made her a really sweet quilt, it is made with bright colors. Emma LOVED her little cake, she ate the whole thing and licked the plate clean :) I cannot hardly believe she is turning 1 already, she is getting so big!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


This weekend we just got to relax and enjoy a whole lot of nothing.
Friday we went to find the boys a shirt for school pictures (we are not school clothes shopping till this weekend). I just could not find anything I liked and well the boys fixed that for me...they picked out the craziest shirts ever. Bright and colorful-don't know how else to describe them. I thought I was getting Ry talked out of it when Chandler threw a big noisy fuss that they were REALLY COOL and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Joe and I both tried to say no, but ended up laughing and figured oh really what it comes down to is when they ask in 10 years why in the WORLD did I make them wear those ugly shirts, I get to tell them "oh no sweetie you picked them out all on your own :)

Saturday we woke up late, went and worked out, cleaned house, went to the library and just bummed. It was a nice day of what we pleased. Joe made carmel brownies (all by himself and they ROCKED). Riley did have a little homework that we worked on in the afternoon. Sat evening I went and helped my friend Becky for 4 hours and the boys went and played with Landry.

Today we got up went to church, then went for a walk, Chandler went to his friend Wyatt's birthday party. I wish more of our weekends were just 'do as we wish' but I don't know if we would appreate them as much then. I am so thankful for the fun relaxing time I had with the boys this weekend!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School...

Riley and Chandler started school yesterday. Riley had a wonderful day and so happy to get back and see his friends. Chandler was not all that excited and was teary. He asked his teacher at 2:30pm "Do I have to come here everyday all day long" she was rolling. I know he will do very well once he gets started. I cannot wait to see what new experinces this year will bring, with all their accomplishments.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have them...

I have first day pictures and today started off very well...but not far into the day it came to a downhill slide FAST. First the school nurse calls to tell me Chandler needs a shot still and must have it or cannot return to school. Then the State came to do my Daycare inspection my house was/is a pig sty (I passed). Kids were not picked up on time so late to get Ry from school on his first day...need I go on!
Tonight is not getting any better, I have pictures uploaded and the page almost complete but the photoshop is not cooperating. Therefore I am going to bed and will give it another try in the morning when I have a new outlook on everything around me :)

p.s. I am going to bed with a smile because the boys had a WONDERFUL day at school...I am so happy for the two of them!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last Day...

Today was our last day before school starts...I still cannot believe we will have two boys in school this year. Where in the world has the time gone?

So today was just a normal relaxing day with the daycare kids...we worked in the garden, made pizza rolls for lunch, painted with sidewalk chalk paint, played on the water slide, had homeaid mixed berry and rhubarb strudle for snack, and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Just a fun day all around.

After daycare the boys and I went to the Wellness Center and then I let them pick anywhere they wanted to eat supper. They chose Burger King (their FAV-not one of mine). Then home to enjoy the rest of the evening.
Until 8:10pm that is when I decided it was time to get them ready for bed and get their school stuff out for the morning. But though I have done laundry for the past two days down to the bedding and all the extras I still had one load of whites and one of Sunday Church clothes and the boys shorts for tomorrow where in them....AAHHH. This is not like me at all, I would say I am organized and most that know me say the same. Normal me would have had their school clothes clean and out on Monday. I really think I am just dragging my feet on the whole going back to school thing. So now I am staying up-washing clothes and shose for them tonight so that we are ready for the big day.

The 'Last Supper'

Ry and Chandler having an ice cream sundae

Monday, August 16, 2010

One Last Hoorah...

One would think this family has been in the water enough this year, but we had to make one last big weekend before school started. Friday Island Oasis, Saturday Tubing down the River, and Sunday Church and then swimming with Mandie and the girls. We have had a GREAT SUMMER this year with lots of little mini trips I would have to say with the ages of the boys this summer may be a memorable one for the both!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Island Oasis...

Today we went to Island Oasis with Julie and Landry. It was a great last 'Fun in the Sun' day with them. We did not get a ton of our normal summer Fridays in this summer like in the past...but what we did get was wonderful!

Today was Landry's first time at Island Oasis so the boys had to show him what it was all about. They spent most of their day in the wave pool. By the end of the day Julie and I had to use the tubes to keep our heads above water, but the boys of course wanted more.

Chandler, Riley, and Landry

Riley and Landry

Chandler and Landry

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Supplies for a BIG Change...

We went and got our school supplies for a new year with big change. Riley is going into 3rd Grade and Chandler in Kindergarten. Riley got Mrs. Napp and Chandler Mrs. Linstead both great teachers from what I am told. Chandler is a little scared but I know he will do so well. I have seen a big change in him the last 6 to 8 months and I think he is so ready and wants to learn so much more. I am really excitied for the boys, just sad for me. Why do they grow so fast?

The change is going to be a pretty big one for me...having both boys in school and I will only have four daycare children and only all together on Thursdays. At this point I don't think I will be enrolling any others, we are going to see how this works first.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Better Late than Never...

I just got my pictures uploaded to my computer from last weekends Family Camp. I took my little cammra (that does not work so hot) with me and because I don't use it all that much I have not done anything with them. So better late than is my page. We went to Fort Kearney on Friday evening and enjoyed a little extra family time. The Pack set up camp on Saturday afternoon. Pack 187 Family Camp is another great way to get to know the other families and just spend some cub scout fun! The boys had a great time with their friends and of course loved the camping.
This year I did not stay for the Saturday events...I went on a tubing trip down the river with Rhonda and two of her friends. We had GREAT fun and relaxing time laying on the tubes and enjoying food and drink. What more could one ask for than to lay in the warm sun, feet in the water and eating. Ok so I can not make it out that we didn't have to do any work...we had to get out a few times.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun in the Sun...

I am sure Joey is not going to think this is so funny...but OMG he sunburned his back so bad today. I am a little pink after putting loads of sunscreen on myself and the kids. Joe however did not think about using sunscreen?!? OUCH
The worst part is he is going to have to get on a train in a few hours...makes me want to cry for him.

However we all had an amazing day, the Strecker's asked us to go to the Lex Pool with them and you know me I can never pass up a good reason to play :)
We got Little Ceasers and had a picnic in the park and then went to the pool for the afternoon. There was tons of going down the waterslide, at times I had Dylan and Maxx in my lap but they didn't mind a bit hitting the end and going under. After climbing up the stairs 100 times Joe said I had my workout in for the day and didn't have to go to the gym. (what a nice guy :) But oh was he right I am feeling the burn tonight. A not so little Coke from Sonic is helping though.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life is One Big Party...

No pictures onces again...I am really falling flat on this blog, nothing says I have to have a picture with every one but I was really hoping to.

Joey says that the boys and I's life this summer is nothing more than One Big Party and he is right!!

Yesturday we went to Grand Island with Rhonda, Ava, Dylan, Oma, Opa, Mimi and Ed (Rhonda's Aunt and Uncle) for Dylans 3rd Birthday. We went out for lunch at Perkins (the kids favorite eatting spot) and then to Island Oasis. We played at the water park for 5 hours and then went to Wiskey Creek for supper. It was truly once again a wonderful day!! I just don't know if I can let go of this summer with my kiddos. We have been so blessed to have some great times with family and friends and have so much fun. I am trying not to even think about the few days we have left till school begins. So until then the PARTY MUST GO ON!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Just another good day...

Today was a great summer day...just do as we please and no schedule to follow. The little boys played trains, the big boys played Wii, and Ava and I watched iCarly this morning. Then we had lunch, made Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips, and went to the Cozad Swimming Pool for the afternoon.
After daycare the boys and I went to the Wellness Center to workout, went out to the garden and picked tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers. We came in and made a yummy supper and enjoyed our evening together.
Tonight we tried to get in our routine of being in bed by 8:30pm for school, we got in but it is so very hard when the sun was still out and shinning so bright...then the doorbell rang, it was Hannah, Avery, Drew and Leigh, the kids made me a picture and came to give it to me. So we went outside and played with them!!!! So much for the bedtime, that went out the window and I don't care we had a great evening and are so thankful for our sweet friends!

Big Weekend

Sending Ethan our love as he smiles down on us
Hannah, Me, Riley, Chandler, Drew, Avery, and Ava after our 1 Mile Walk in Ethan's Memory (Maxx was with us but got away before the pic)

This past weekend was amazing and so much fun. Sat we took part of Ethan's Fun Run/Walk. We walked the 1 mile as a family and my daycare kiddos and their families. It was a bitter sweet day, it was such a great day of celebration of Ethan's life but I just miss him so very much. The dedication to the park was after the walk and then a big community BBQ it was truly a wonderful day to share the memories of our sweet E.
In the afternoon we went to Oma and Opa's and went swimming with Ava and Dylan. Then we went to a BBQ over at Heidi and Brian's house, it was a wonderful evening!

On Sunday we went to church and then off to North Platte to the lake for Dylan's 3rd Birthday Party. It was a very good time we went out on the boat, went tubing, Riley tried water skiing (he got up but when he fell didn't let go of the rope so got dragged, he was not thinking skiing was all that great...I hope he tries again next year) we went jet skiing and swam. We played in the lake till 7:30pm and then grilled out. It was a FUN FUN day!!