Thursday, January 12, 2012

So some of you may think by now "this woman is a little nuts".  While I have to admit today I was starting to think the same, as I thought I would try making a Hydrating Olive Oil & Honey hot oil treatment.  But of course I was going to make it mayself.  The whole 30 mins I waited with honey in my hair-I was thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE I DONE?  THIS IS GOING TO END UP BAD...thinking maybe I need not to do everything I see on blogs-I stuck through and did the treatment just as I read.  It worked amazing and my hair feels so silky and smooth.  I will do this again!!!  So Crazy I may be-but I have Great Hair!
 3 Table Spoons of Olive Oil in small bowl
Heat for 30 seconds in microwave
than add 2 Table Spoons Honey, stir
(Shhh, don't tell my dad I will be using his honey for my hair)

Massage in hair and put shower cap on for 30 mins
Wash out and then shampoo and condition

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